5 Ways To Ensure You Are Ordering Organic Herbs & Spices When Buying In Bulk

Posted on Thu, Sep 09, 2021 by Amit Bambral

Now a days, everyone is aware of the fact how herbs and spices are used in our everyday lives, and the distinct advantages of keeping these items as part of your lifestyle. Most of the herbs and spices have a shelf life of nearly 2-3 years. It is possible with time they may lose some of their effectiveness and flavor, but in general they do not spoil too quickly. Considering this factor, herbs and spices are often purchased in bulk. In this article, lets review 5 ways to ensure you’re getting these from the right source! 

Reputation Matters

The spice industry is a multifaceted business that can be frightening even for a knowledgeable buyer. That’s why word of mouth is considered to be paramount when selecting a supplier or distributor. Shoppers have many reasons for selecting organic foods, including concerns about health, the atmosphere, and other welfare concerns. Arguably, purchasing them in large quantity is an environmentally friendly and more economic option when buying herbs and spices.


One of the most advantageous aspects of buying organic herbs and spices in bulk is affordability. You can save a significant amount on herbs and spices when buying in bulk. These savings may not always be visible right away, but you will definitely save money per unit added over time. Depending on the spices you’re looking to purchase, they’re fairly priced across reputable sources based on market value.

Understand the Labels

The most important point to consider for any organic shopper is to figure out accurately which ingredients are indeed organic. One quick way to spot these products is to look for an organic seal from regulatory bodies. However, beyond that, it is also important to look at the ingredients list to ensure they are indeed organic. All food products are required to have their full list of ingredients labelled on the packaging and to be easily visible.

The Packaging

It is suggested to buy herbs and spices that are packed in containers rather than bags as it simply extends their shelf life since you can easy reseal after opening. Whereas herbs and spices in bags, once opened, are hard to reseal. This can them to go stale quicker and hence reduce their shelf life.

The Smell

You can smell the spices to ensure that they are fresh. Herbs and spices will almost always have a smell that is unique to each. If there is no aroma at all, that could be a sign it's gone old and no longer suitable for use.


As long as spices are in a container that has a lid, it’s not exposed to humidity, the herbs will be fresh for a longer period. The problem with places that sell them in bulk is that spices are majorly exposed to the air and this will shorten their lifespan. Therefore, spices packaged and stored properly are likely to have a larger shelf life.

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