A Comprehensive Guide to Melting and Pouring Soap Bases

Posted on Thu, Feb 10, 2022 by Amit Bambral

Organic soap crafting is a simple, affordable, and enjoyable way to begin creating your own soaps. It’s an activity that can be learned and performed within the comfort of your own home and does not require any specific training or prior knowledge. Take a look at this comprehensive guide to melting and pouring soap bases to get the most out of your next DIY project.

First, weigh and cut the melt and then pour the soup base.

Place a microwave-safe glass measuring cup on a good scale and balance it out to zero. Cut the ingredients and soap bases into smaller pieces and set them into the glass container until you have enough product for your intended mold.

Second, microwave your soap base until it’s melted into a liquid.

Wrap the glass container in plastic wrap to prevent the soap base from drying out during the heating process. Microwave the container for a minute at a time, stirring the liquid in between heating periods. It’ll start out dense and lumpy, but after a minute or so, the pieces will melt down into a smooth, liquid texture.

Third, add your essential oils or fragrance.

Place a ramekin on your food scale and again balance it out to zero. Fill this ramekin approximately halfway with your intended fragrance or essential oils. We recommend about 0.4 ounces per pound of soap to start. After you’ve measured out your fragrance and the soap mixture has melted, mix the two ingredients carefully.

Essential Oils

Fourth, colour correct your product.

Adding colour to your soap is not a required step, but it can be a nice touch to make your product look pleasant. If you decide to add colour to your soaps, be sure to use skin-safe dyes or natural coloring, so that your product doesn’t irritate the skin during use. Keep in mind that skin-safe colors are far less potent than candle dyes. You’ll need to apply more coloring than you may think to get your desired hue.

Fifth, mix in your melted soap.

To combine your soap mixture, fragrance, and color  most effectively, make sure to gently mix the ingredients. If you mix the ingredients too quickly or vigorously, bubbles may form on the product. If this happens, a small spritz of rubbing alcohol may help you clear them!

Sixth, fill your mold.

Soap Molds

Once combined, carefully pour the mixture into your desired molds. Again, try to pour the mixture as slowly and gently as possible to prevent the mixture from bubbling. Once the mold is full, transfer it to a secure location, and secure it in plastic wrap. In a few hours, the soap mixture should be firm enough to remove it from the mold. From there, you can refrigerate the soaps to help the solidifying process. However, we don’t recommend placing these products into a freezer.

Lastly, remove your soap.

Once the mixture is completely solidified and firm, gently remove the soaps from the molds. Certain molds may be easier to remove than others. We recommend using the palm of your hand or a large spoon to firmly tap the base of the mold to loosen the product inside. You can also turn the mold over and pour a small amount of hot water over the base to loosen the product.

Botanic Universe can readily supply you with high-quality, organic melts and soap bases that will not only be enjoyable to create but will also give you effective and dependable products.

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