Benefits of Bath Salts

Posted on Thu, Sep 09, 2021 by Amit Bambral

The prime key to curing the annoyance of your day by simply adding some pampered products that can help to transform your humble tub into a heavenly spa-like experience but, if bubbles and bath bombs aren’t quite your thing, you might be captivated to understand a little more about bath salts.

Bath salts are generally made of Magnesium Sulfate also known as Epsom salt, popularly sea salt, which dissolves quickly in lukewarm water. It helps reduce various body disorders including stress, pain and discomfort. Bath salt contains distinct kinds of minerals including magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur, zinc, calcium, chloride, iodide and bromide which offer nutrition to the body. A small amount of bath salt is combined with warm water can have enormous benefits for the body.

Overcome Arthritis

One of the benefits of Bath Salts is it can help overcome arthritis as it helps to relieve stiffness and pain in joints and muscles. Many times muscle strains can happen during exercise or after exercise, bathing with Epsom or Sea Salt Water lowers the muscle pain. It is recommended to add two cups of bath salts in lukewarm water in your bathtub, blend them in the tub and mix before immerse yourself in the bath.

Helps in Dry Skin Problems

Combine one to two cups of Epsom salts and some drops of olive oil in a large tub, blend the two by hand in the tub. This will help you get rid of dry skin problem and itching by doing this at least two or three times a week. Bathing with salt water is considered to be of great benefit for dry and itchy skin.

Eliminate Skin Irritation

Bath salts are considered to be beneficial in circumventing skin inflammation but also help eliminates skin irritation. Typically, the skin may swell due to eczema, psoriasis, athlete's foot and skin irritation in severe conditions, having a hot water bath can get rid of the swelling problem. If you have a severe skin allergy, then add few drops of tree tea oil with salt water can help attain soothe and promote relaxing,

Boost Energy

Unquestionably, bathing with salt water gives a boost of energy to the body. When our body is unable to get enough minerals, we instantly starts to feel tired. Sea salt has a sufficient amount of magnesium, when mixed with water, can help to restore energy in the body cells and keeping active throughout the day due. Therefore, a bath with salt water can significantly help reduce physical fatigue.

Improve Immunity

Additionally, sea salt contains a high amount of antibacterial properties that excrete pathogens and safeguard the body from harmful microbes. Bathing with salt water proves to be beneficial in strengthening immunity as well.

Next time if your body is feeling exhausted, under the weather, or stiff, we highly recommend trying out bath salts and mixing with a few drops of essential oils to relax and loosen up your muscles and gain an energy boost.

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