Chamomile Essential Oil - Help Soothe Dry Skin

Posted on Thu, Feb 23, 2017 by Rebecca Graham

For long-term effects and working remedies for dry winter skin there are a few essential oils that we have used, love, and recommend! One of our favourites is chamomile oil. It comes in both German and Roman strands and both types have their own abundance of benefits.

It's no news that winter brings cold, dry weather and with it comes dry and rough skin.  We know how hard it can be to find the right creams or oils to sooth cracked, flakey, and itchy skin that overtime, if left untreated, can become rough and painful. While creams can do wonders for your skin initially, they don't always have the long-lasting affects that oils have with regular use and care. 

Creams that are advertised for "very dry skin" often have large amounts of wax-based ingredients that can clog pores, leading to acne and can give your face a dull appearance.  

We’ll focus on your skin and how to use chamomile oil to target your problem areas from your face to your feet!

What is Chamomile Oil?

"Chamomile" comes from French, Latin and Greek languages; an amalgamation of "earth," "ground," and "apple," as the plant itself grows low to the ground and gives off a mild apple scent. Although the plant itself is actually quite similar in look to the daisy flower, the species of Chamomile plant comes from the Asteraceae family. They are found primarily in tropical and subtropical regions of the world such as Central America, Brazil and the Mediterranean. 

German chamomile oil is cultivated mostly in Egypt, Hungary, France, and Eastern Europe. The Roman chamomile oil is cultivated in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Morocco.  

A Quick History:

Said to be used from as far back as the Egyptian and Roman empires, the chamomile plants and oils derived from there were used by everyone from the Kings and Queens to everyday farmers.
Chamomile was used to maintain their youth, beauty and ageless skin in the dry and harsh weather. Farmers used it to cure wounds from working in the fields under the scorching sun. Chamomile was seen as a soother of the scalp, used as a form of shampoo, perfume and in cosmetics.

Top 5 benefits of using Chamomile Essential Oil for your Skin:

1. Soothes Skin

Calming and soothing, chamomile oil and in particular, the German strand, has been used for centuries as a calming herb.  Applied over the skin, this oil can be used both in neat (pure) and diluted forms.

German chamomile oil is powerful in calming and soothing painful inflamed skin. One of its major benefits is in treating harsh skin conditions such as acne, dermatitis and eczema. Thanks to several inflammatory elements naturally found in the oil ( bisabolol and chamazulene) a small drop of chamomile on boils, sunburns, bee and wasp stings, bruises and small cuts can aid in curing these ailments.  Not only is this oil gentle and soothing, but it can also help to alleviate stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and irritability. 

2. Eliminate Redness and Irritation

Chamomile is popular as a tea to relax and unwind after a long, stressful day, but often forget it's benefits for calming your skin, too! German chamomile is known to reduce skin redness caused by allegoric reactions, sunburns or even after an intense workout. You only need a small amount on the tip of your finger and gently apply to the skin in slow circular motions. Within seconds the results of calmer and healthier look skin can appear. 

3. Boosts the Appearance of Healthy Looking Skin

Roman chamomile has shown to promote healthy looking skin by relieving skin irritations caused by ulcers, gout, rosacea, burns, bruises, canker sores, cracked skin, and certain rashes. 

For a more powerful punch, mix a few drops of Roman chamomile with coconut oil and use a cotton ball to dab it on to your skin. Your skin’s absorption of the oil can quickly hydrate and moisturize the area, while adding a much-needed glow to dry and dull skin.

Beauty tip: wear it under makeup before applying foundation! The oil will give your skin a quick infusion of moisture will adding a layer of radiance to give you the “dewy” look with your regular foundation routine. Everyone will want to know your secret!

4. Scalp Relief

Chamomile is the most soothing of the essential oils for relieving a dry, itchy scalp. With the infusion of anti-inflammatory elements found in chamomile the oil helps to bond healthy skin cells while calming the skin around hair roots that have become inflamed from dry and hot weather conditions, overuse of topical hair products and dehydration. Chamomile helps to condition the hair from dandruff and damage caused by dermatitis and psoriasis. 

For the ailment of your scalp we recommend using Roman chamomile oil to get the most out of your hair-care routine. Just add a few drops of chamomile oil with a small amount of jojoba clear carrier oil and massage into your scalp.  For a more diluted version to make it easier to rinse out, add 5-10 drops of water into the chamomile. You can leave the treatment in overnight or rinse it out before styling.

5. Lightening and Enhancing Skin

Chamomile has been used for years as a way to lighten and enhance dull, dried-out, and aging skin.  A lot of our skin’s dullness also comes from years of using makeup that has caused clogged pores, applying creams with harsh chemicals, and hyperpigmentation caused by acne that has left dark scars.  Chamomile helps to brighten and lighten the skin by reducing any marks evening out skin tone.

Use chamomile essential oil by either dabbing it in with a cotton ball, spraying on to your face with a gentle spray bottle, or adding 1-2 drops into your regular facial exfoliate.

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