Coconut Oil and its All-Encompassing Benefits

Posted on Sat, Oct 09, 2021 by Amit Bambral

If you live in the 21st century, you have likely heard the buzz surrounding coconut oil and its many uses. Well, the rumours are true; people are using it in their smoothies, frying pans, hair-care routines, and even keeping jars of it in their nightstands. People everywhere are embracing  coconut oil for its plentiful benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

According to research, adding coconut oil to your diet, can greatly improve your well-being, health, sex life, and appearance. Read on to learn more about the all-encompassing benefits of coconut oil.

Weight loss

According to the Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology, MCT in coconut oil could increase diet-induced thermogenesis in humans by as much as 6%. Burning an extra 100-200 calories a day doesn't sound like much, but it could amount to up to 36,000 calories in a year!

Killing Bacteria

Half of the fatty acids present in coconut oil are in the form of lauric acid. This acid is great at killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi, so if you want to stave off infection, try applying coconut oil externally. To get the most potent antibacterial properties, use virgin coconut oil in place of a refined coconut oil.

When you consume coconut oil, it reacts with enzymes to form a monoglyceride known as Monolaurin. This monoglyceride is useful for killing harmful pathogens and keeping all types of nastiness at bay. It has shown tremendous response in killing the bacteria and yeast, which become the primary source of infection.

Exercise performance

MCTs present in coconut oil can improve the body's performance tremendously by revving up calorie burn and energy expenditure. Studies show that this wonder-product is also amazing for maintaining and building muscle!

Popular muscle-building products like keto protein powder contain MCTs that are also present in coconut oil. One of the biggest differences however, is that some other supplements use a processed form of MCTs which may be less digestible and absorbable. Therefore, consuming coconut oil for MCTs is one of the most effective and natural methods.

Reducing appetite

According to a recent study, coconut oil has an interesting effect on hunger. It was shown to boost metabolic activities due to its high concentration of fatty acids. People who consumed coconut oil for breakfast burned more calories due to MCTs, which eventually resulted in regulated blood sugar.

As we’ve discovered, a MCT-rich diet is  beneficial for its positive impact on body composition and weight. Here’s an easy way to incorporate coconut oil into your routine: Try adding it to your coffee and blending it in a blender for best taste!

Cognitive function

According to a 2004 study published in the journal Neurobiology of Aging, the MCTs found in coconut oil almost immediately improved cognitive function in older adults with memory disorders. Twenty subjects reported a remarkable improvement to their memory only 90 minutes after taking MCTs. The reason for this is that when digested, MCTs access the brain without the use of insulin, resulting in more efficient brain cell function!

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