Different Types Of Cosmetic Basis

Posted on August 30, 2021 by Amit Bambral

Cosmetics refers to a range of products used to cleanse, shield and enhance or change the appearance of the skin. Some of the top ingredients present in most cosmetics include water, emulsifiers, preservatives, thickeners, moisturizers, colours and fragrances.

Cosmetic bases are a standardized permutation of basic ingredients for making cosmetic products. With cosmetic bases, you can simply add other ingredients such as colour, fragrance, etc. to formulate products ready to use. Cosmetic manufacturing companies often use cream, gel and serum bases for various products. These cosmetic bases are available in a wide range in retail and bulk and there are various organic base options as well. Let's review different types of these cosmetic basis that are most commonly used.

Cream & Lotion Bases

Cream bases are particularly made to allow the addition of active ingredients that will prevent the cream from separating. However, it is recommended not to exceed a total of 15% (weight percentage) of supplementary ingredients, otherwise, the base can become very thin.

Gel & Serum Bases

Gel Bases

Typically, Cosmetic gel bases are used for the base of hair gels or face gels, face washes, and gel based face masks. Gel bases can be tailor-made with essential oils and other liquid ingredients to formulate the final product.

Serum Bases

The serum based ingredients offer a variety of uses and are viable for facial firming masks, eyelash serum, and lotions. Majority of serums are customizable with up to 10% further liquid for usable consistency.

Cleanser & Toner Bases

Cleanser cream base is usually thick and creamy which allows for extra ingredients to be added such as minerals, vitamins, or oils to formulate the final product. The bases are often hydrating for the skin while providing deep cleansing.

Makeup & Lipstick Bases

Makeup and lipstick are often based on wax, oil, alcohol, or pigments. Colour, essential oils and other natural ingredients can be  added to these bases to make the final product. Organic, healthier bases can be used to make these products better for the skin.