Health Benefits and Side-Effects of Hibiscus

Posted on Tue, Jan 04, 2022 by Amit Bambral

Hibiscus, a flamboyant flower, is a genus of several species of shrubs and herbs in the mallow family. They are available in numerous striking colours, including reds, yellows, pinks, orange, peach, and whites. It could be the flower’s colour or simply its beautiful appearance that attracts wildlife such as hummingbirds and butterflies, oftening brightening up a summer garden. Theis tropical flower is also known to have several benefits for the human body. Humans have a history of using hibiscus for several purposes, including applying it as a hair mask and drinking it in tea.

Several pieces of research have uncovered and shown a wide range of health benefits of Hibiscus. This mayvary by location and the type of climate itgrow in. Here are some health benefits of Hibiscus:

1. Consumption of hibiscus tea is popular to cure high blood pressure. The tea lowers down the systolic as well as diastolic blood pressure.
2. Research states that intake of hibiscus tea controls cholesterol levels in the human body. It is known to increase good cholesterol content and decrease the quantity of bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
3. Hibiscus also results in lowering body mass index, weight, and fat content.
4. Hibiscus tea is packed with antioxidants that fight all foreign bacterial that cause damage to the cells.
5. Hibiscus promotes liver health and ensures  that the internal organs continue to work efficiently.
6. Hibiscus extracts helps to prevent severe diseases like cancer. Its leaf extracts may assist with preventing human prostate cancer from spreading in the body.
7. The flower of the hibiscus also tends to treat diabetes.
8. The pulp made from the flowers’ leaves can be applied topically to heal open wounds.
9. It also helps in reducing overall body temperature.
10. The hibiscus flower acts as a diuretic to increase urine production. The process helps in removing toxic chemicals from the body through urine.

    The flowers also possesses some health risks. Here are some listed below:

    Hibiscus Flower

    • People, who suffer from hypotension or low blood pressure are strictly prohibited from taking any edible items made from hibiscus. It may cause dizziness, fainting,  and can even lead to heart damage.
    • Consumption of hibiscus content also leads to an imbalance in estrogen levels. It disrupts the usual production of hormones. This is the reason why pregnant women are strictly advised not to have anything that has hibiscus content.
    • Expectant mothers are also advised to avoid hibiscus tea consumption due to its emmenagogue effects that stimulate menstrual flow in the uterus.
    • Some people also tend to have a hallucinatory effect after the  intake of hibiscus tea.
    • Hibiscus tea may also interfere with certain prescribed medications. It happens mostly with anti-hypertension drugs. Consumption of both drugs and hibiscus together may lead to low blood pressure.
    • A diabetic patient must avoid taking hibiscus extract in any form. Consumption can potentially lead to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).

      Hibiscus flowers are considered to be non-toxic for humans. However, this doesn’t justify  eating hibiscus without any caution. Before actual consumption, one must consider certain points: be sure that the flower has not been exposed to any kind of pesticides or insecticides.

      Even today, the flower remains a popular herbal remedy in many households across the world. The hibiscus has numerous advantages for human health, but it also does have the potential to harm the body’s functioning. Hibiscus powder is majorly consumed as a tea in several parts of the world. Before consuming hibiscus tea, it’s best to try small samples and monitor for any kind of side effects. If side effects are shown, they should be treated accordingly by a medical professional.

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