Loose vs. Packaged Teas: Which is better?

Posted on Fri, Nov 19, 2021 by SEO Service

If you ask a tea lover whether they prefer loose tea or packed tea, 99.99% of them will say loose tea. This preference is not based on traditional tea-making concepts or procedures, but the overall experience while consuming the tea. Below, we explore the main differences between loose tea vs. tea bags:

Quality Comparison

If you are fond of rich flavours and textures, you might want to choose loose tea over packaged tea. Sometimes tea bags contain lower quality leaves and their dust, while loose tea is generally made up of superior quality tea leaves. According to a study, a lot of lower brand tea bags are made up mostly of tea leaf fannings and dust. This is not a hard rule however, as not all tea bags contain lower quality leaves, and not all loose-leaf teas contain superior quality leaves. It’s really up to the consumer to research specific teas and learn through trial and error.


Out of sheer convenience, people often choose bagged tea over loose tea because all you need to do is add boiled water and let it steep for a minute. The downside to this process is having to find a suitable place to rest your soggy tea bags. Overall, tea bags are more convenient than using loose tea, but this is generally deemed their only advantage.

Environmental Impact

Some people are more concerned with the environmental impact of using tea bags vs. loose tea. They don't mind washing tea infusers regularly as it can reduce the amount of waste they produce. Tea bags, though compostable, often comprise a small amount of plastic which is not biodegradable. Some tea manufacturing companies are using fully recyclable and biodegradable tea bags to reduce environmental harm.

The Best Of Both Worlds

If you are a loose tea lover but want the preparation process to be more convenient, you can try replacing bagged tea with your own tea. This way, you can enjoy the taste of fine tea anywhere, anytime.

Tea’s Rule of Thumb:

In the end, all you want is to enjoy your favorite tea. These days, you have a vast selection as many online stores offer top-quality herbs and spices to enjoy in your tea.

When it comes to the debate of bagged tea vs. loose tea, we have explored several qualities that favor loose tea, but this doesn't mean that we will stop using bagged tea in the appropriate circumstances.  As a rule of thumb, it is best to try new things and choose what suits your lifestyle and taste preferences best. Getting expert recommendations is great, but in the end, your opinion matters most.

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