Top 5 Advantages Of Adding Green Teas or Herbal Teas To Your Daily Routine

Posted on Mon, Aug 30, 2021 by Khurram Chaudry

While caffeinated tea are preferred choice for the morning, herbal teas are consumed throughout or any time of the day. There are a ton of benefits of herbal teas that come with various natural ingredients. For those looking to cut back on caffeine opt for caffeinated teas, and can further reduce caffeine intake by only consuming herbal teas in their daily routine.

Herbal teas are blessed with countless benefits some of them include fat-burning properties and ability to improve brain function or act as a stimulant. Over the years, several studies have suggested that drinking herbal teas can have a good impact your overall health, promote weight reduction, and decrease the risk of heart diseases.

In the past, green tea was used in traditional Chinese and Indian medicines to help heal wounds, aid digestion, improve heart health, regulate the immune system and strengthen mental health. Green tea offers numerous health benefits that have show to be effective over generations. Additionally, drinking green or herbal teas regularly may be effective in helping reduce the risk of stroke. Arguably, in several countries where green or herbal tea consumption is high, cancer rates may be lower.

Several studies suggest that green tea has positive effects on weight reduction, severe disease including diabetes, Alzheimer's, etc. Green tea has various anti-inflammatory properties and is low in calories, in addition to being less caffeinated than black teas. Furthermore, other herbal teas can be found with some of the highest concentrations of antioxidants occurring naturally.

Let’s review some of the top line benefits of adding herbal tea to your day to day life:


Green and herbal teas help you burn fat, and in turn, lose weight. With its antioxidants and stimulant properties these teas can truly prove beneficial in maintaining overall a healthier body.


Herbal teas can help in regulating cholesterol levels. These play a significant role in heart related conditions. Health issues such as diabetes, heart diseases, are on the rise due to today’s diets, easy access to fast food and reduced exercise routines. Green tea also helps diminish insulin sensitivity and maintain blood sugar levels - a big culprit of diabetes!


Maintaining a google oral health is as equally important as the rest of your body. In fact, several illnesses and diseases can result from poor oral hygiene. Several herbal teas can help in fighting bacteria and avoiding plaque build up in your mouth.


Catechins found in green teas can have powerful antioxidant effects. These properties offer various benefits and have also been demonstrated to guard brain Neurons. With regular tea consumption, cognitive impairment can be abridged and the risk of neurodegenerative diseases reduced. Popularly, green tea acts as a stimulant due to its caffeine content. It not only boosts energy but it is also known to pick up brain functionality, including reaction time, mood, and productivity.


The flavonoids in green or herbal tea have been deep-rooted to fight inflammation in the body. The component Epigallocatechin Gallate in the teas has anti-inflammatory impact on your body. Along with that, these teas have significant antibacterial and antiviral properties which also work towards promoting against inflammation.


Earlier studies show that incorporating the habit of drinking green tea daily helps to stimulate mineralization which generates bone formation. Bone loss, as a result, may be improved. There may be added fortification against osteoporosis because of the strengthening of the bones.

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