Why Are Herbal Soaps Better Than Store Brand Soaps!

Posted on Mon, Mar 15, 2021 by Khurram Chaudry

Soap is essential for almost every household, and picking up a bar of soap at the superstore without a second thought can instantly become a habit. Many people might be surprised to discover the number of differences between commercial soaps and handmade soaps made with natural ingredients.

Natural soap can be somewhat more costly the Store Brand ones due to several reasons such as the ingredients used are of top quality and non-artificial, most of the soaps are made by hand, it takes more time to produce, and usually tend to be sold by smaller companies or sole proprietors as contrary to multinational brands.

How is a natural soap made?

There are distinct ways of producing natural soap but several artisan soap makers use the hot process or cold process. Many favor the cold process soap making technique because this method produces the highest quality soap which remains gentle, long-lasting.

Craftsman soap makers create soap in small batches, instead of mass manufacturing a production line like the bigger store bought brands. This means that every bar is given more detailed attention and is produced by hand as opposed to being machine-made.

Natural soaps are produced with all organic and natural ingredients, preferably obtained ethically through sustainable partnerships. These soaps often have no artificial ingredients or harsh preservatives and normally contain olive oil, coconut oil, or organic shea butter base which is an illustrious natural nourisher with deep moisturizing properties for the skin. The amazing scents are the outcomes of natural aromas and essential oils used in the soaps, and the artistic finishes are created by hand.

Advantages of natural soap

Unquestionably, using natural soap has several distinct benefits rather than commercially produced soaps as they are made with organic ingredients. Some of these benefits include:

  • Hydrate and soothe dry skin, giving overall moisture and nourishment
  • Provide vital vitamins and nutrients for healthier skin
  • Moisturizing and cleansing the skin without clogging up pores
  • Smoothing out wrinkles and protecting the formation of new lines
  • Works even for sensitive skin without causing irritation, provided the right type of soap is used

How is natural soap better than commercial soap?

Undoubtedly, buying commercial soap is convenient and far more affordable than investing in a natural alternative. However, buying natural soaps can prove to be a great long-term investment in your skin’s health and show your support towards a sustainable lifestyle. Handmade soaps are often manufactured with care and attention using higher quality ingredients including natural oils and plant based butters.

Natural oils and plant butter are usually selected for their gentle cleansing properties and rich moisturization, as well as the various health benefits each of the ingredient can provide for the skin. With natural soaps, there is a strong focus on vitamins E and A as both promote a healthier looking, well moisturized skin.

Some of these oils can provide essential nutrients that can aid to fight the free radicals responsible for breakouts on the skin, while also reducing signs of aging. Meanwhile, other oils can provide natural remedy used for skin concerns such as eczema, seasonal dryness, redness. A combination of various oils in one single soap can give you the ultimate nutrients your skin needs, customized to your needs. This is where natural soaps can provide that variety of combinations with various oils, which you may otherwise not find with store brand soaps.