6 Top Cut and Sifted Herbs with Surprising Health Benefits

Posted on Fri, Jul 12, 2019 by Alexandra Rada

6 Top Cut and Sifted Herbs with Surprising Health Benefits


It can be difficult buying herbs and spices online, especially if this is a first for you. Cut and sifted herbs are different from whole herbs, dried herbs and herb powders. Unlike whole herbs that come in their natural form with leaves, roots and stems attached, cut and sifted herbs have been cut into smaller pieces and then sifted to remove any debris, such as dust. There are some herbs and spices that have components that are difficult to use. By purchasing cut and sifted herb from our online herb stores, you’re left with an easy, ready-to-use product that makes it even easier to harness the health benefits.


Bilberry Cut and Sifted Herbs Can Help Treat Eye Conditions

Put down the eye drops and make yourself an herbal tea made with bilberry cut and sifted herbs. This herb is packed with antioxidants that are particularly beneficial for treating eye conditions, such as cataracts, macular degeneration, retinitis pigmentosa, and glaucoma.


Burdock Root Powder May Inhibit Some Types of Cancer

If there’s one type of cut and sifted herbs you need in your pantry (and diet), it’s burdock root powder. This natural herb is packed with various types of antioxidants, can remove toxins from the blood and has even been linked to possibly inhibiting some forms of cancer. Burdock root cut and sifted herbs are also great for treating skin issues.


Cinnamon Cut and Sifted Herbs Have a Powerful Anti-Diabetic Effect

It’s a common misconception that modern-day medicine is a necessity when treating specific illnesses and diseases, such as diabetes. However, Cinnamon has been shown to effectively lower blood sugar levels while also lowering fasting blood sugars in diabetic patients. Add in the fact that cinnamon is a delicious ingredient and there’s no reason not to add cinnamon cut and sifted herbs into your next tea.


Eucalyptus Leaves are Known as Australia’s Miracle Plant

You can’t go wrong with cut and sifted herbs hailed as “Australia’s Miracle Plant”. Eucalyptus is a must-have herb and essential oil, as it tackles everything from coughs, colds and flues, high fevers, stress, muscle aches and yes, even malaria. So, while looking through our online herb store, make sure you explore the organic essential oils wholesale section as well.


Lemongrass Cut and Sifted Herbs Alleviate Anxiety

With the stress of every day, anxiety is something many people can relate to. Fortunately, a herbal tea made with lemongrass cut and sifted herbs can help alleviate anxiety symptoms as it’s infused with many soothing properties. It can also be used to treat depression, excessive stress, high blood pressure, and digestive problems, while also adding a splash of Thailand for your taste buds when added into a dish.


Sage Cut and Sifted Herbs Boost Brain Function

For those days when you’re struggling to remain alert, make a herbal tea with some sage cut and sifted herbs. Sage has shown to be such a powerful herb for boosting brain function that it has even been linked to improving brain function and memory in people with Alzheimer’s disease.


Gone are the days of relying on pharmaceuticals for relief. Cut and sifted herbs are the natural alternative to modern day medicine, many of which are safer, more affordable and even possibly more effective. At the very least, they’re 100% natural so you don’t get the long list of potential side effects. So, stop what you’re doing and explore the healing properties of cut and sifted herbs available on our online herb store. And of course, don’t forget that many of these herbs come in essential oils too. So, check out our pure essential oils wholesale on Botanic Universe as well.




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