Being BRCGS certified and what it means for customers

Posted on Mon, May 09, 2022 by Amit Bambral

Botanic Universe is proud to announce that we are BRCGS certified! This is extremely exciting news for the team, but this is definitely going to be great news for our customers as well! Wondering what does it even mean to be BRCGS certified and what would it mean to you as a customer? Read on to find out!

What is the BRCGS and what does it mean to be certified?

The BRCGS is a company founded by retailers in 1996 whose aim was to integrate food safety standards across the supply chain. Beyond food safety, they’re also now recognized for non-food categories across the world. They operate a very rigorous third-party certification scheme with highly trained auditors. The BRCGS covers different certifications in various industries such as retail, consumer products, food safety, packaging materials, and more.

Getting BRCGS certified means that the company has shown high performance in food safety procedures and the certification gives them many food safety benefits such as continuous improvement to enhance the business. The certified company can also access BRCGS digital tools that give the company technical support to continuously improve.

BRCGS has continuously set the safety and standard benchmark for over 20 years now, adopting tens of thousands of sites across 130 countries in the world.

What can it mean for you?

While this is definitely good news for Botanic Universe, the team is even more excited that, with this certification, we can provide our customers with better and improved products and services. To you, our beloved customer, the BRCGS certification of Botanic Universe can mean 3 main things.

Certified high-quality products

While every business aims to provide high-quality products, the BRGCS certification is just one way to show our customers that auditors and experts in the field agree with the claim. Customers can be assured that the products are of standard knowing that the practices of Botanic Universe were rigorously checked.

Assurance of high standards across the supply chain

As the BRCGS looks into food safety and standards across the entire supply chain, customers can be assured that the hygiene and practices within Botanic Universe are good. This also means that the handling of the products will be of high standards until it reaches our customers’ hands.

Better services and customer experience

Once a company is provided the BRCGS certification, it doesn’t end there. Botanic Universe is expected to improve in all aspects now that it is certified to ensure the supply chain and practices continue to be of standard. This can ultimately ensure that customers get the best services and experience with our company and the products we provide.

Botanic Universe has a vast selection of organic and high-quality products and ingredients from dried flowers to essential oils. Now that we’re newly BRCGS certified, you can be assured that the standard across our practices and products are up to standard to provide you with the best experience possible. Browse our collection today!

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