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Organic Essential Oils


Why Choose Organic Essential Oils?

When distilled into essential oils, any pollutants on the plants can become more concentrated. This is especially true for citrus essential oils where the plants are heavily doused in pesticides. For that reason, many aromatherapy oil users go for essential oils that are certified organic.

Organic essential oils have to meet the strict criteria of the growing country’s guidelines for organic farming. Moreover, an organic farmer also has to be certified as one to be able to grow plants which are later to be distilled into organic essential oils. All these measures ensure the pristine quality of the final products.

While certified organic essential oils should be your first measure of quality when shopping for retail or bulk essential oils, many countries and regions in the world lack official organic certification agencies. In situations like these, distillers may label their essential oils “unsprayed” to indicate that the farmers they work with have not been certified organic but their plants have not been sprayed with insecticides.

Essential oils distilled from wildcrafted plants are also of high quality. Wildcrafted plants can be growing wild or cultivated under conditions where farming methods meet the designated criteria.

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