Clary Sage Floral Water


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Botanical NameSalvi sclarea

Country of Origin: France and Russia

Description: Clary Sage Floral Water is far less concentrated than its essential oil. It does contain all the essence of the plant in every drop although in a less milder form which makes it suitable for applications where essential oil would be to concentrated.

Constituentslinalyl acetate, pinene, saponine, phellanddrene, mycrene, linalol

Blends With: Sandalwood Oil

Extraction Method: Hydro Distillation

Clary Sage Floral Water is created through the process of Hydro Distillation. Hydro Distillation is an alternative extraction method used to produce Floral Waters. The process of Hydro Distillation begins as the material is first soaked in cold water. After which the mixture is heated and volatile materials are carried away in the steam, condensed and separated. The final result is Pure Floral Water

Floral Waters may be added to the manufacturing process in place of normal water, used as a deodorant, facial spritzer, for direct application to the skin, as a cooling agent, in saunas, in hair care applications, as a fragrance or for massage.

• Add to Creams and lotions

• Facial spritzer and toner, body spray

• Air freshener spray

• Deodorizer for linen, pets



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