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Naturally coarse, this works well for oily skin to absorb excess oil. 

Corn is regarded as a very good exfoliant for skin. Apart from removing dirt and useless pores and skin cells, it leaves your smooth and clean.

Do not confuse corn flour with cornstarch as the former is basically floor up dry corn, which has a grainer texture than corn flour. Moreover, corn flour has a yellowish shade while cornstarch is white colored.

Shelf Life: This product should be stored in a cool dark place away from moisture.


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Customer Reviews

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Plastic Bottle Organic Corn Oil

I have ordered the organic virgin corn oil in the past twice before and received it in glass bottles. This time I ordered 2 one litre bottles and received them both in plastic containers. I do not use plastic it is toxic so therefore I am only not satisfied with my most recent purchase. I ordered from this company BECAUSE it was in glass bottles so naturally I was disappointed when I received my product in plastic bottles.