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Botanical NameHelichrysum italicum

Country of Origin:  Morocco

Description: Helichrysum Floral Water known as Everlasting or Immortelle in french due to the flowering tops that retain the yellow pigment even after they dry out. They are frequently used by florists for their vivid colors in dried flower arrangements.

Constituentsa-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, myrcene, limonene, 1,8-cineole, linalol, terpinen, eugenol, italidone, nerol, neryl acetate and b-diketones

Blends WithChamomile, Rose, Lavender, Mandarin and Bergamot

Extraction MethodHydro Distillation

Helichrysum Floral Water is created through the process of Hydro Distillation. Hydro Distillation is an alternative extraction method used to produce Floral Waters. The process of Hydro Distillation begins as the material is first soaked in cold water. After which the mixture is heated and volatile materials are carried away in the steam, condensed and separated. The final result is Pure Floral Water. 

Floral Waters can be added to the manufacturing process in place of normal water, used as a deodorant, facial spritzer, for direct application to the skin, as a cooling agent, in saunas, in hair care applications, as a fragrance or for massage.

• Add to Creams and lotions

• Facial spritzer and toner, body spray

• Air freshener spray

• Deodorizer for linen, pets


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Customer Reviews

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Helichrysum Floral Water

Helichrysum Floral Water is one of the best floral waters for skin related issues. The healing properties of Helichrysum are well documented. I suffer from eczema, and along with some other Botanic Universe products (aloe vera and rosehip carrier oils in small amounts) I make a "medicinal toner spray" that almost heals and helps prevent eczema flareups. I also add organic witch hazel and a few essential oils. Overall, the helichrysum floral water is a must have for me.