Polysorbate 20 (Solubilizer)



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This product is a Sorbitan Monolaurate (Polysorbates) that has been ethoxylated with approximately 20 moles of ethylene oxide to produce a water soluble, oil and water emulsifier.

Solubilizer can also be used as an additive wetting agent, viscosity modifier, anti-stat, stabilizer and dispersing agent. It is the final ingredient necessary when making cosmetics combining fragrance oil with water-based products like baby shampoo because of very low eye irritation, body wash, toiletries, cosmetics and ointments.

This solubilizer is for bath gel, shampoos, bubble baths or any clear bath products that you wish to fragrance. It will prevent "clouds" and separation of the fragrance or essential oils in the product, plus it will assist in retaining the clarity. 

Mix 1 Part Fragrance to 1 Part Solubilizer. Adding more solubilizer will not hurt, however , do not add more than 0.5% fragrance as this will affect viscosity. 

Warning: Do to liability concerns, do not ingest or leave within the reach of children. Flush with water if product comes in contact with eyes. If problems persist please contact you Physician. 

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Susan Bruce (Thornbury)
Works Perfectly!

Worked perfectly in my foaming hand wash recipes.