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Botanical name: Jasminum auriculatum

Origin: India

What is a Nature Identical Essential Oil: this is a blend of the pure essential oil and various aromatic compounds. A nature identical essential oil smells like its essential oil counterpart, but contains less botanical compounds and ingredients that give the essential oil its unique healthful benefits. Compared to fragrance oil which are often synthetic, a Nature Identical Essential Oil sports fewer synthetic chemicals and a superior fragrance that sometimes surpasses its pure essential oil counterpart.

Thus, our Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil is more affordable than pure Jasmine Essential Oil and is a great alternative for perfumery and fragrance purposes such as making soaps, candles or cosmetics.

Description: blooming only at night, the Jasmine flower has a strong yet sweet fragrance that invokes feelings of romance and delight. So it’s no surprise that the white flower is a source of creative inspiration - from heroes in romantic novels and on the big screen to poets throughout the ages.

- DIY perfume: maybe you don’t need to spend a fortune on branded perfumes after all. Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil has a warm, floral fragrance similar to many women’s perfumes out there, so you can simply dab a little of the Nature Identical Essential Oil to be reveling in the feminine scent.

- Eco-friendly cleaner: together with liquid Castile soap, Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil adds a touch of floral delight to a wide range of cleaning purposes. But first, what is liquid Castile soap?
Liquid Castile soap (which is also available in a bar form) is a plant-based, all-natural, biodegradable soap that’s free of chemicals that are present in common off-the-shelf detergents and cleansers. Thus, with a little creativity, combining liquid Castile soap with Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil can yield a variety of all-natural, jasmine-scented liquid hand soap and household cleaner. 

Liquid hand soap: fill a pump bottle with 3/4 water and 1/4 liquid Castile soap. Add a few drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil to tap into its potent anti-bacterial benefits and a few drops of Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil for its sweet, floral fragrance.

General purpose household cleaner: fill a spray bottle with 1/4 white vinegar, top up with water, a squeeze of liquid Castile soap, a few drops of anti-bacterial Tea Tree Essential Oil and Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil. You can wipe down various surfaces and furniture with this chemical-free multi-purpose cleaner. You can be basking in the exotic scent of Jasmine too!

Blends well with: Jasmin sambac, Jasminum grandiflorum , Elderflower, Cassie, Mimosa abs, Benzoin, Ylang-ylang.

Aromatic scent: Jasmine Nature Identical Essential Oil has a sweet, exotic and sumptuous floral fragrance.

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