How To Use Dried Flowers in Your Skincare!

Posted on Wed, Jun 01, 2022 by Amit Bambral

Dried flowers can be used for a surprising number of tasks. The aesthetic benefits of dried flowers are typically the same as those of your new bouquet arrangement. Your dried flowers may be used as a hair rinse or a body scrub, depending on the type of flower. The benefit is that you may take in the natural beauty of the flowers before reaping their full benefits.

Plants and essential oils are utilized to smoothen, moisturize, cleanse, and even out the skin in various civilizations. Flowers were emphasized in ancient Indian medical systems for their therapeutic and healing properties. With society shifting toward organic and natural beauty products, dried flowers for skincare are an excellent choice. Take a peek below to learn more about the benefits of dried flowers and how you can use them in your regular skincare routine. 


Abundant in Anti-Aging

The hibiscus flower, which is abundant in anti-aging alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) and amino acids and is widely employed in Ayurvedic traditions and a fundamental element in Chinese medicine, efficiently revives the skin. Hibiscus has a plethora of skin-perfecting properties. This cleanses the skin, protects against fine lines and wrinkles, tones, firms, hydrates, regulates oil production, and is utilized in anti-cellulite creams and skincare products 

  • How to Apply

Take 10 to 15 dried flower petals, thoroughly wash them, and simmer them in a pan until the water is half gone. Set aside to cool before rinsing it out of your hair. If you stick with it for at least two weeks, you'll notice a difference right away. It promotes hair development, decreases hair loss, and adds shine to your hair.


Rose Regenerates Aging Skin

It combats dryness, soothes redness, and regenerates aging skin. A rose, often known as the "empress of all florals," is one of the most well-known flowers. Aside from expressing affection to our loved ones, did you know rose can also be used to restore young luminance? Its moisturizing characteristics and capacity to mend damaged blood vessels aid in the prevention of age-related symptoms. 

  • What to Do with It

Make a natural lip balm using crushed dried flowers and a few drops of honey. For a short period, apply it to your lips. You can also boil rose petals in distilled water to make rose water at home. It's also possible to use crushed petals as a face mask.


Soothes and Tightens the Skin


It is recognized with amazing characteristics, including beauty, in many traditional therapeutic techniques. Make a strong infusion of chamomile flowers and apply it as a compress beneath your eyes if you have puffiness around your eyes. This soothes and tightens the skin. Chamomile is good for all skin types and helps to level out your complexion. It contributes to the reduction of wrinkles and sun damage, as well as the appearance of pigmentation. 

  •  Use Instructions

Apply dried flowers or freshly plucked chamomile petals, milk, and honey as a face treatment for 5 minutes. It's a natural cleanser that might help you get rid of blackheads and pigmentation on your face with daily usage. You may also use a strong tea as a toner by brewing it, allowing it to cool, and then applying it. Alternatively, you may use this tea to make face masks.

Where can they be found?

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