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This Melt and Pour Suspending Soap Base is specially designed to 'suspend' additives such as jojoba beads or loofah. It can be used to create a decorative soap bar (e.g. such as by adding fine glitter) or a functional exfoliating bar. Creative possibilities are endless. Some trial and error is required with this product, as some additives may be too heavy for the suspending properties of the base to work properly.

Users should try adding their ingredients at a slightly cooler temperature than normal, as the base will be thicker and more likely to suspend additives.

The key ingredient in the Suspending M&P base is Silica. Silica creates a suspending matrix within the formulation, but that very property can also be apt to trap in more air and create a cloudy effect. Therefore, when stirring in additives, it should be done very gently and avoid any abrupt stirring as this can inadvertently welcome air into the formulation and cause unwanted cloudiness of the base.

A two pound brick can make between 10 - 20 soaps, depending on the size of the soap you’re trying to make.


 Highly moisturizing formula with excellent lather
 No artificial colors added
 No animal testing
 100% Vegetable base
 Semi-transparent & colorless (off white) for excellent color saturation
 Odorless base for superior fragrance lift
 Neutral pH of approximately 7.8
 Compatible with wide range of fragrances
 Compatible with a wide range of fragrances, Vegetable-based melt and pour soap base, which does not contain any animal by-product
 High natural glycerin content and easily released from any mold

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pamela Lambert (Hagersville)
Melt and pour suspend base

Very easy to work with. Great suspension of herbs in the soap i made

Heidi (London)
High quality soap base

Very impressed with the quality of the melt and pour suspending soap base. Blends well with fragrances and colours and holds dried flowers beautifully.

suspending melt and pour

I have high expectations when it comes to working with products from botanic universe and they knock it out of the park every time this soap base suspends just like it says absolutely perfectly super easy to work with and the quality is amazing